Decentralized Cannabis Distributor

What is 4nrXpress? You must install OpenBazaar to use our services.

4nrXpress is a decentralized cannabis distributor supplying quality strains & oils that is connected to anonymously. We're not growers. We've curated a list of top quality cannabis strains & oils from legal dispensaries and ship out to you among purchases. 4nrXpress only accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, & Zcash at the moment.

Occasionally, we'll come across products such as Rare Backwoods and THC/OBD Juul Pods. Yet, we are approached by a number of new items that we consider selling in the near future as well.

Why do I need to install OpenBazaar?

OpenBazaar costs nothing to download and use. It's a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that contributes to the hosting of the 4nrXpress marketplace. It operates and process transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, & Zcash so you will never leave any digital footprint. Other services have product restrictions and a list of rules to follow, OpenBazaar removes that.

Ultimately, this means great freedom for buyers and sellers as they can transact apart from centralized bodies like Ebay or Amazon, but also great responsibility for all of their own files, data and transactions.

May I make credit/debit transactions?

Unfortunately, 4nrXpress runs on decentralized infrastructure so using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Zcash) is beneficial when considering such technology. However, you can easily purchase Bitcoins and currencies alike on or CoinMama with Gift Cards, Credit/Debit, Bank etc. with just a few steps.

Why 4nrXpress over another distributor?

4nrXpress is operated on a technology that will be highly used in the near future. Our goal is to build a reputation not jeopardize it, every customer's order is considered and well processed to give you the best experience as possible.

On another note, our products are carefully selected to ensure we supply top quality strains & oils. 4nrXpress isn't into scams, that's part of the entire reason in which started it all.